Eye’s Desire


Many lovers have seen

. . . Mine eyes

Of various color and size

Yet none captured

. . . My desire

Until my eyes did see

Love’s fire. . .

In you

This poem was written in the 90’s after dreaming about my soulmate eyes.

Them Created


A Man’s not meant to be alone.

A Woman was created to have a home.

He toil and labor to satisfy

His need which is Her happiness

Her dedication indeed!

Without Her,

His days would be arduous and long.

Lonely, without purpose,

No place to belong.

She is His heart’s desire,

Manifested and true.

Her constant care is what He seeks,

Each day anew.

Without Him Her life is unkept,

Her love’s undressed


From a weeping heart

In dire distress.

He is her image of strength,

Masculine yet tender;

His love embraces Her life,

Of which She surrenders

Unto the Man She was created for

From the beginning;

Into the world of love

He has made for them,


I wrote this poem one day in the 90’s after a study of Genesis and the story of Adam & Eve from the Bible.

By Daughter of Light

Love Is Like The Waters

Love is like the waters

It cannot be held for long

It slips through the fingers

It counts no wrongs

Love is like a river

Dashing in and out

Stirring up murky waters

Consistent to its route

Love is like a lake

Shimmering in the sun

Or reflective like a mirror

Yielding to anyone

Love is like a pond

With lovely creatures around

Dark, deep or shallow

Cold sweet bodies abound

Love is like the ocean

With strong undercurrents

Of passionate ragings

And erotic turbulence

Love is like the sea

Too immense to capture

Its horizons know no end

Yet peaks in climatic rapture

Another poem I wrote back in the early 1990’s

By Daughter of Light

My Twin


Weeks have gone by

Since I’ve last seen

The beloved brother.

My heart is heavy,

My body a bother.

Forgetful of my own self,

My soul is not content

With physicians’ remedies,

Resting upon my shelf.

Ah, but to say,

“He is here”

Is what will revive my spirit.

His name heard elicites

Chills up my neck

A knot in my gut

It’s more beneficial to me

Than my chipped ceramic cup

Of herbal tea.

I hear his voice,

I am well.

To see his face

Sadness is driven away.

If I could share his embrace


Behold, my brother beloved



This is one of a group of prose writings I wrote in the mid 90’s about a sibling-type relationship that accompanies lovers.

By Daughter of Light

Is It You?


Could he be you?

A man of  fine psychological gain.

Seen only through my mind’s eye,

In a dream, a fleeing thoughts,

A vision.

Who knows why.

It’s you again.

Sensing with eyes

Large and soft brown

Melting like honey flowing

A lowly smile

Slow, but knowing

At the end of a mouth so round.

But is he you?

A thin and hopeful kind of stance

In a shirt in need of ironing

His disposition seems tired

But in the face of love

He speaks

Is it you?

From experienced hands

You create life’s rippled passion

Throughout my very being

Is it you?

A touch so moving that

Today, love is the eternal fashion

Now is the time for seeing if,

It is you!



I wrote a group of poems in the mid 90’s. This one was based on a recurrent image of an unknown man seen in my dreams.

By Daughter of Light

Mother Spirit Earth

Earth Mother
I am the Mother of the Earth.
Mother of all Beings,
On Her,
This planet.
For She too,
Is a Feminine Being.
I am the Bride of all
Who resides on Her,
This Planet.
The Wife of the Husbands,
The Queen of the Kings,
of the Kingdoms.
Mother of the Earth.
Wife to the Father of Manifestation,
Mother is Manifestation.
The Physical.
S H E.
The Wife of Glorification.
The Bride of God.
The Goddess.

I wrote this poem around 1994 during in a deep 
meditative state almost like a visionary medium. 
While writing though, I felt feminine and empowered.

By Daughter of Light

And yet another post

I totally lost this site, sigh  Now 3 years and a few months later and I can’t figure this site out! Ok, I’m going to try to get a picture posted. See ya next year, I guess!

By Daughter of Light

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My Blog

By Daughter of Light

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By Daughter of Light