I Can and Do Love Him

Red heart

Hearing his voice

As it rippled upon

The root of my soul

Gently, deliberately

Stirring from heavy dozing

Feeling his interest

Cascades along my thighs

Feathery intentions

Genuine desires

Between love that

Slips between time

Hovers thru space

Unendingly sublime

I just love him

Night of Fire

She follows behind

his crimson tail red

heading for the hills

but she doesn’t care

her body pants for

his hot heart love

to sear her

chasing him with

the gift of a diamond sparkling

bright twinkling in the twilight

he leaves his red calling card

at her door

as she sashays

behind his crimson tail

of hot love

he sprinkles behind

as a hint for her

who saunders

across the nightly sky

not caring as his

blaze colors hers

chasing him

in the moon’s light

toting a diamond starlight

to his red doorstep

she’ll deposit her love.

A Holiday of Love ❤️ Tu B’Av

With many sects of Jewry, this is a season of love. A valentine’s day of sorts.

This time is used to generate a connection, with a loved one, with the Divine Presence. Like many “holidays” it’s taken on an almost commercial affair, but with good intentions. Love is good for business!

Prayers for soulmates to meet and reunionize is the M.O. of the day. Many customs of love matching are in full swing.

I pray your soulmate finds you and want to stay an illustrious career together as a sacred pair repairing the world.

She’s Got Fit

Former bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd, 84 yrs young on June 16, is my inspirational life goal icon

Standing in the mirror

Admiring my abs

Man! they look like the six pack

I had last night

and will drink when I get back.

But now it’s time to concentrate

and get into the zone

‘Cause soon me and my Roadies

will be cruising it home…

After 3 or more hours of hittin’

The fruit or Princess loops

Man! I’m outta shape

maybe I should wuss out

and go shoot some hoops.

Well, I’ll wait at the school until 9 or 10

and hope I’m not the only Roadie

ridin’ the road alone again.

Man! I can’t wait until daylight

savings time,

so we can strut a good pace

four days a week

and get home by nine.

Then I can sit with my honey

all tired and sore,

and moan until I get a back rub…

Ooh baby, some more!

Or head out to the hot tub

with legs like rubber

to soak my aging bones,

Man! I hope nobody hear me groan.

‘Cause I’ve still got it!

Toppin’ 21 mph in the wind

Now if I can just get up off this couch

before day after tomorrow

when we’ll do it again.

Where’s My Soul Heart Love?

My soul heart, where can you be?

Don’t you know you’re the only love for me?

When time passed is reviewed, why couldn’t I see,

That the love I had for you, you also had for me?

Can you remember the name game we played?

Our first fight about the worse writing whose hand had made?

Or the clouded blue sky sent to you while on the Sabbath I played?

And homemade notes of love with affection directly conveyed?

Did we dance the joyous dance of courtship too long?

How about all those nouns between us which were very wrong?

Were we both so shy struck that now we have waited too long?

Are we left with only a faded dream and a poetic song?

How many seasons of celebrations did we miss?

My love, whatever happened to our sweet first kiss?

How often was it said that it is you that I miss?

Did we not believe enough to create love’s marital bliss?

Can we believe this world will transform, with a love like yours and mine?

Will you come quickly and soon with your love satisfyingly divine?

Didn’t you know that I am yours and you are mine?

So where are you my only love, my sweet soul heart so fine?

Them Created


A Man’s not meant to be alone.

A Woman was created to have a home.

He toil and labor to satisfy

His need which is Her happiness

Her dedication indeed!

Without Her,

His days would be arduous and long.

Lonely, without purpose,

No place to belong.

She is His heart’s desire,

Manifested and true.

Her constant care is what He seeks,

Each day anew.

Without Him Her life is unkept,

Her love’s undressed


From a weeping heart

In dire distress.

He is her image of strength,

Masculine yet tender;

His love embraces Her life,

Of which She surrenders

Unto the Man She was created for

From the beginning;

Into the world of love

He has made for them,


I wrote this poem one day in the 90’s after a study of Genesis and the story of Adam & Eve from the Bible.

Love Is Like The Waters

Love is like the waters

It cannot be held for long

It slips through the fingers

It counts no wrongs

Love is like a river

Dashing in and out

Stirring up murky waters

Consistent to its route

Love is like a lake

Shimmering in the sun

Or reflective like a mirror

Yielding to anyone

Love is like a pond

With lovely creatures around

Dark, deep or shallow

Cold sweet bodies abound

Love is like the ocean

With strong undercurrents

Of passionate ragings

And erotic turbulence

Love is like the sea

Too immense to capture

Its horizons know no end

Yet peaks in climatic rapture

Another poem I wrote back in the early 1990’s

My Twin

Compassion by Sydney Kosgard-Data Hamster


Weeks have gone by

Since I’ve last seen

The beloved brother.

My heart is heavy,

My body a bother.

Forgetful of my own self,

My soul is not content

With physicians’ remedies,

Resting upon my shelf.

Ah, but to say,

“He is here”

Is what will revive my spirit.

His name heard elicites

Chills up my neck

A knot in my gut

It’s more beneficial to me

Than my chipped ceramic cup

Of herbal tea.

I hear his voice,

I am well.

To see his face

Sadness is driven away.

If I could share his embrace


Behold, my brother beloved



This is one of a group of prose writings I wrote in the mid 90’s about a sibling-type relationship that accompanies lovers.